Keeping the peace

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This is a kindly note from Teri Springer-one of visitors- and I believe her too.

We were a very big family at the past and one day because of some natural causes we had separated.

There are a site  that everyone can make a page for himself and fine many friends in there.

I have a page on there and 2 years ago I had wrote in there everyday, but one day ,suddenly I saw a bad note from one who wrote bad things and bad words to me, about bin laden, killing terrorism and other war make words.

Really I became very sad and prepare a note about peace and friendship and sent for him and wrote about this matter that there are many people to blow to fire of war and enmity, so we should not co work with  them, and it is better that we have fasten friendship's rope ties  and peace.

Yes she is right, we are all members of huge family,some white , some black, some moguls and some red.

We should try to keep the peace and must satand opposite the war in the world.

teri springer said...

Oh, please do. During the "Cold War" years I became friends with several children my age in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />USSR as, even then, I understood that problems between nations are caused by the select few in power and the rest of us could be friends.

As an adult I still feel that way. Tolerance (I hate that word- it is so condescending) is not the answer- UNDERSTANDING that we are all members of the same huge family and LOVING that family (the human family) no matter what our differences, is what's important.

Sharing blogs between our lands will be a big step in that direction.

teri springer

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